Frequently Asked Questions at Loans against property Randburg

How do I get started?

Call our number right away and speak to our professional consultant who will than refer you to our financial assistant to review your basic documentations and verify your account and lastly to our financial team which you can meet in person if you may so wish.

How much do I need to qualify for a loan?

To be certain that you are going to get a loan we offer loans according to your commitment statement of returns. We know how it can be to buy your own house, we try to find a monthly repayment system at a low rate let you live your dream.

How can I pay for your Loans against property?

You can pay for all our services though the following ways:

  • EFT
  • Online banking
  • Direct Bank deposit

We rely on many payment system striving for the convenient ways to pay or receive money making sure that all our client can find it easy to do business with us.

What kind of Loans against property do you offer?

We also offer short term financial housing solutions:

  • Renovations
  • Tiling carpentry wood work
  • Roofing and ceiling
  • House loan and more

 How will the client know which deal is suitable for him/her?

Clients will have our consultants referring them to our financial experts they will be able to assist them with everything they need to turn their dreams into realities. They will be advised to take a more exceptional option.